12dS 2011

Welcome to the wonderful world of 1/2!

Monkey kingdom

They have found the secret Monkey Kingdom deep in the magical jungle. They had been looking for this secret place for a long long time. There had been many books written about this place and many explorers had thought they were close to finding it but with no success.
They could not believe their good luck, they would be famous too.
They quickly got out their cameras and started to take photographs of the Monkey Palace, the Monkey King and Queen and their servants, then they heard a loud shriek and something behind them, “RUN!!” but it was too late they were surrounded by the Monkey Palace guards.They were locked up in massive ,white,floating cages and they were hungry,cold and frightened then some magic sprites flew to them but they couldn’t understand what the sprites were saying but after a while they figured out what the sprites were saying they were saying” key” he said”Yes go and get the key!”so the sprites brought the key.

The cinema

One day this week I am going to the cinema and I am going to watch a vampire film called “Dark shadows”.It will be really funny! well bye